Routes advised from Clear House. These routes are suggested from the house landlady mrs. Rosa.

Route n.1

Exiting of house to svoltare on the left and covering the Course Vittorio Emanuele till the semaforo, to your left you will find a scale that it continues in a road that comes down straight till via Chiaia (will employ to the max 15m). Arrived in via Chiaia svoltare on the left and after little you will find yourselves in Public square Triste and Trento and Public square of the Pebliscito. Here you can admire the facade of the Real Palace and the theatre S. Carl and taste a good coffee in the local historian Gambrinus. From the Public square Trieste and Trento feed via Toledo and svoltando to right for via S.Brigida arrived to Public square Town hall where you will not lack to admire the New castle that but the Neapolitans call Angioino Male affectionately, to the shoulders of the castle is the Marine Station. To this point if you are it tires returned behind and in via Toledo you take the Funicular Centers them that you filler to the Course Vittorio Emanuele.

Route n. 2
Like the route n.1, but arrived in via Chiaia svoltare to right and covering it till public square Of the Martyrdoms therefore to feed via Calabritto and giving to a glance to the stores arrived in Public square Victoria. Here you are in sight of the sea and have two alternatives: to cover along sea (via Caracciolo) towards right till Mergellina or to go on the left and you will find yourselves davanti an other powerful Castle, the castel of the Ovo. You council to before go towards Castel of the Ovo and then to continue for Mergellina where a coach the C16 will bring back to you to house.

Route n.3
Exiting of house to svoltare to right, the semaforo to still svoltare to right and to take the first road on the left, Dark Paschal way said Spaccanapoli. As the name announces this road directly you door to the Historical Center. Never svoltate and in little minuteren you are not in Public square of the Jesus and found on the greater decuman. After to have visited the Church of the Jesus entered in Chiara Saint and not omitted to visit the Chiostro. Returned on the Decuman (via Benedict Cross) and after little whom crossed Peak S. Greater Domenico (in the pressi the Nail head of the famous veiled Christ). Still covering the decuman that while has taken the name of S.Biagio of the Booksellers met on your left via famous Armenian S.Gregorio for the shops of the shepherds. Salting via Armenian S.Gregorio at the end arrived in S.Gaetano Public square. In this public square besides the church of greater S.Lorenzo and S.Paolo you will find the income of “Naples basement”. To this point crossed via Courts, here you can rifocillarvi with a peak in one of the historical pizzerie.

Route n.4
This route is the prosecuzione of the n.3 From the S.Gaetano Public square you cover via Courts till Via Dome, therefore svoltate on the left and after little found in front of the Dome that it deserves an taken care of visit, comprised the nail head and the Treasure of Saint Gennaro. Escapes from the dome covering via Dome in which crossed climb via Settembrini, found the museum of modern art here said the Mother that it deserves a visit. Continuing to cover via Dome exited in Cavour Public square and svoltando on the left after little you are to the archaeological Museum. If exiting from the archaeological Museum you are not too much tires you can recarvi in the quarter Health where you will be able to admire two settecenteschi palaces of mirabile architecture and the church of S.Vincenzo with relative catacombe. Returned in Cavour public square and you can take to the metropolitan (Pozzuoli direction) you come down to returned Montesanto and you take the homonymous funicular and to the Course Vittorio Emanuele. Route n.5 With the funicular to go to the Vomero and to visit the Certosa di San Martino with annexed Museum let alone the Castel S.Elmo. If to the return appreciate to make a distance on foot instead of the funicular you can come down for a road that calls via Pedementina to Saint Martino that you door close house. (the Museum is taken from the before large square). At last if you are lovers of the painting you can go to the Museum of Capodimonte, in order to catch up a coach from the Archaeological Museum is taken it. These suggested routes want to only offer a cue in order to begin to know the city. Naples is rich also of many other works of art let alone of natural beauties. But the hosts of time in time will be able to always ask suggestions and councils to me for their walks.


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